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Pertinent Information: As a Final Project in an undergraduate college English course with Professor Marjorie S. Schiering, the course members were assigned the writing of a children's picture book. Prior instruction included reading and sharing the author's intent in varied pieces of children's picture books. The initial introduction and ongoing identification of story elements relating to characters, setting, moods, sequence of events,  story problem, and solution were addressed. This took place over a period of 14-weeks. 

Good character traits were discussed with how some might be portrayed in a children's book. Such things as being respectful, kind, fair, trustworthy, responsible, patient, caring, good citizenship, and a myriad of others were examined for a time when these occurred in one's life or that of another. Then, possible topics for a children's picture book were shared as the class worked in small group format or some chose to work alone to write the following books.

Enjoy the reading of the following books from the Spring and Fall semesters of 2021....witness the creativity and use of one's imagination, when given the opportunity to utilize that. Some illustrations are hand-drawn while others show clip art to match the text. Some books use rhyme while others do not use this form of conveying a message to intrigue the reader and show reasoning. From mindfulness to sea animals showing how to unpolluted the waterways, these books bring forth excellent children's literature. Hopefully, you'll share them with children you know.

Special kudos to those who wrote these stories and provided them for sharing on this website.  Sincerely, Rev. Dr. M. Schiering

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