"I am not a teacher of how to be creative, but I am one who may lead you to discover your own creativity. I do this by sharing thoughts and ideas, presenting techniques, inspiring and motivating, expressing opinions, and collaborating. I do this without my own self or another having fear of repercussions. This is because, each of us, as we are, is enough." (Schiering 1996)

"The Interactive Method of teaching and engaging students through the experience of inventing, designing, making and using the Interactive Book Report worked well in our classrooms. Also, practicing 'No put downs...Only lift ups' (Schiering, 1976) has brought about a positive classroom community." (J. Botte & L. Sapienza)

  • Test Preparation
  • ELA: reading, writing, listening & speaking
  •  Mathematics
  • Sciences: physical& social
  • Character Developement
  • Special Needs including gifted

Learning and Teaching

Creative Cognition

Creative Cognition 4U:

The  Interactive Method and Book Report